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About Helen the Cat (and Friends)


There are three things to know about Helen: 1) She's about the sweetest cat you could hope to meet. 2) She has an idiosyncratic love of hanging out in cardboard boxes - and bags, and blankets, and other containers, but boxes are a special favorite. 3) If you've noticed in some of her pictures that something's up with her eyes, that's because she had a severe head injury before we adopted her.

Actually, Helen's hard luck story goes way beyond the head injury, but I'm not going to detail it here (though I might on the blog), because it doesn't actually tell you much about Helen herself, and the main lasting effect of it is that she's about 80% blind. It doesn't seem to bother her much, though.

We pamper her a bit (even in comparison to the rest of our cats, who don't exactly lead rough lives). We also have to medicate one of her eyes daily and have spent a fair bit of effort making sure she stays healthy.

Also, we have to provide her with a steady supply of fresh boxes. Grocery delivery helps.

This Site

This site exists for two reasons: The first is that Helen and her adopted siblings do a lot of cute stuff, and you Internet people like your cute cat pictures, so we thought we'd share.

The second reason is to encourage anyone thinking of adopting a pet to adopt from a well-run shelter or a veterinarian. We'd also like to encourage people whose lifestyles can support it to consider adopting cats with special needs.

The People Behind This Site

I'm Brad, the guy who developed this site. I won't force my wife, Kristin, to share the blame for this site, though she gets full credit for introducing Helen into our lives. Together, we care for 5 cats and are absolutely smitten with them. We're passionate about encouraging people to adopt their pets from shelters rather than breeders.

Also, we take a lot of pictures of our cats doing cute things. Some of these wind up on the Internet. You're welcome.

Does your cat think Box Is Awesome?

Do you have a cat that hangs out in boxes, or other containers? Do you have pictures of this? Are these pictures cute? Send them to us, we'll post them with credit! Get in touch at brad - at - boxisaweso - dot - me. Pictures of cats with special needs go to the head of the line.

We'd also be interested in your story of adopting a cat with special needs for our blog. If you have a story to share, send it along with your name, email, and a web link and we'll consider it for posting.


Thanks go to our vet for saving Helen when some random guy dropped her off with a grievous head injury, and for holding onto her when he never came to pick her up; I Can Has Cheezburger for their work in propagating Lolspeak; and Stepcase, who make Labelbox, which I've used to caption many of the photos on this site.